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Minors Division




All players in attendance must be in the batting order

If a player has to leave the game early, their spot in the order may be skipped without penalty. Late players will be added to the end of the batting order.

A team can start the game with as few as seven players. However, each batting spot up to 9 will be counted as an automatic out until other players arrive to fill the spots

All bats must be USA Baseball certified. USSSA bats of any kind are not permitted. Making sure bats are compliant is the responsibility of the coach. If a player steps into the box with an illegal bat, he will be automatically called out.

Base runners are only allowed to attempt a stolen base after the catcher has caught the ball

Stolen bases are limited to three per inning.

Double steals are allowed, but they count as two stolen bases on the team’s allotment. 

If a stolen base is attempted after a team has reached its limit, the defensive team has the option to re-do the pitch and the runner will automatically return to the base he began, or can take the result of a batted ball in play.

No delayed steals. No stealing of home. 

Runners cannot advance on an overthrow after a steal attempt.

On over-throw errors by any infielder (including pitcher/catcher), no advancement of bases is allowed. 

Five-run maximum for the first five innings. Sixth inning does not have a run limit. If a player hits a homerun over the fence only, all runs will count towards the score.

Mercy rule is 12 after four AND the leading team has met their age-related pitching requirements


Pitchers are limited to 50 pitches or two innings (whichever comes first). If a pitcher reaches the 50-pitch mark during a batter, they can exceed 50 pitches to finish that batter

A pitcher can only pitch in back-to-back games if: 1) He pitched a maximum of one inning in the previous game AND 2) has met the proper rest requirements

Pitchers may not exceed 5 innings pitched per week

For each Minors game, 9-year-old pitchers must either:

  • Combine to record three outs, OR

  • Combine to face nine batters

For each Minors game, 10-year-old pitchers must either:

  • Combine to record six outs, OR

  • Combine to face nine batters

These requirements MUST be met within the first four innings of the game.

If these minimums are not met, the team not meeting the requirements will lose the game, regardless of the on-field result. 

No re-entry for pitchers

Track pitch counts and submit them to your division coordinator after each game. These reports are mandatory. Failure to submit a report will result in forfeiture of the game.

Rest requirements:

Pitches Thrown Days of Rest
1 - 20 0 days
21 - 35 1 day
36 - 50 2 days
51 - 60 3 days


10 fielders

No player shall sit two consecutive innings, unless injured

No more than four infielders can be positioned on the infield (excluding the pitcher). Four outfielders must be positioned in the outfield grass. 

No shifts. Two infielders will have to be positioned on either side of second base.

Mandatory speed-up rule is in effect. If the catcher is on base with two outs, the last batted out will run for the catcher

No coaches on the field

A player can not exceed three innings at the catcher’s position per game.If a catcher catches three innings, that player cannot pitch in the same game.


All teams make the playoffs

Playoffs will be seeded according to regular season standings

3 points are awarded for a win, 2 points for a tie, and 1 for a loss

First tiebreaker for playoff seeding is games played, then wins, ties, losses. If still tied, a coin flip will be done by a neutral party from those teams.

Regular season pitching rules are in effect. SJSLL will provide coaches with their players’ Little League ages prior to the season AND once again prior to the playoffs to ensure pitching-age requirements are met

Teams MUST play a minimum of 10 games.

If a team does not play a minimum of 10 games, it will receive the worst seeding in the playoff bracket. If multiple teams do not meet the requirement, games played will be the first tiebreaker, then points, wins, ties, losses. If still tied, a coin flip will be done by a neutral party from those teams.

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