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Umpires Duties and Responsibilities

Pay and Other Information 

ALL UMPIRES WILL BE PAID A FEE OF $35 per game regardless of age or role (Plate or Field)
  • Game schedule will be tracked by the league for check payment at the end of the season
  • You are encouraged to track your games for reconciliation by printing an umpire vouchers, print 

Uniforms and Equipment

  • All umpires must wear league supplied t-shirts or sweatshirts 
  • Shin guards, chest protector, and facemask will be supplied by the home team for Minor League games.
  • Cup is a mandatory safety item for both umpires.
  • Dress appropriately for weather conditions. 

Scheduling and Assignments

  • All scheduling and umpire assignments will be conducted via e-mail, unless otherwise agreed upon. The e-mail for umpires is [email protected] 
  • All requests for assignments the following week (Monday to Sunday), must be sent to the contact e-mail no later than Friday 8pm. Any requests received after 8pm, may get games if there are ones available. Be specific as to what days you can work.
  • In all e-mails you should include your full name and assigned umpire #. Also alert of any potential conflict with a brother or even sister that currently plays in our league; I need that team # and location of game.
  • Be careful as to only request games that you can make ON TIME.
  • Weekly umpire assignments will be sent out on Sunday evening, usually before 9pm.
  • All umpires requesting work may be assigned to any of the following divisions Minors or Eight Yr old.
  • Assignments will be distributed on an age, seniority, experience and evaluation basis.
  • You may NOT find coverage or ask anyone to umpire your assigned game without instructions to do so.
  • Instances of canceling, arriving late and not showing for your assignments will result in disqualification as an umpire.

 Game Day Responsibilities 

  • Arrive at game site 15 minutes prior to scheduled starting time. Please note starting times on assignment sheet. All games have a scheduled first pitch of 6pm. You must arrive no later than 5:45pm.
  • Playing rules for each division are posted on the leagues website; you should familiarize yourself with rules before calling any game.
  • Be in uniform and properly dressed for weather conditions.
  • Meet with coaches and go over ground rules, get umpire voucher signed. Acquire equipment and two game balls from home team coach.
  • Scheduled starting time is 6pm. No inning can begin after 7:45pm. A full inning must be completed if there is sufficient light.
  • Minors games are scheduled as two man games and may be reduced to single man assignment. Eight year old games are single man games and they are called from behind pitchers mound without umpire equipment.
  • Keep between innings as short as possible. No more than five warm-up pitches.
  • Speed up rule for catchers is to be enforced.
  • Correct any safety hazards immediately. o Report any safety hazards to umpire coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Safe play is your first concern, should you determine the field to be dangerous for play, and game is called. Examples are darkness, standing water on field, visible lightning or any other hazard that cannot be corrected immediately.
  • Helmet facemasks are mandatory in 8 and softball.
  • Hands-first slides are illegal. An out is called.
  • Return equipment to home team coach.
  • Conduct yourself in a sportsmanlike manner.
  • Avoid conflicts with coaches and parents.
  • Report any unusual incidents to umpire coordinator.
  • Report any incidents in violation of the Little League Code of Conduct to the umpire coordinator.


Vic Bonilla and TJ Hyne
Umpires in Chief

[email protected] 

P.O. Box 29 St. James New York 11780



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