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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs SJSLL?

SJSLL is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our current board can be found here.

Who can play in the league?

Boys and girls in the Smithtown area between the ages of 4-13.

How can we register?

On the SJSLL website, click the ‘REGISTRATION’ tab and follow the prompts to the end-to-end registration site (hosted by Sports Connect/Stack Sports)  

What does my registration fee include?

In addition to the spring season, your fee includes:

  • Opening Day parade and festival
  • Playoffs in the Minors and Majors divisions
  • Trophy for all players
  • Championship weekend picnic

Playing St. James-Smithtown Little League also makes a player eligible to try out for the following select teams:

  • Smithtown Bulls travel team (ages 8-12)
  • Williamsport (Little League World Series) team (ages 10-12)

When does the season start and end?

Spring rosters are finalized in late March, and games begin in early-to-mid April.  The season ends at the Championship picnic, which takes place the second weekend of June. Exact start dates are dependent on weather and field conditions. 

Fall rosters are finalized in late August, and games begin the weekend after Labor Day.

When do the teams play and practice?

Spring games are scheduled on weeknights Monday-Friday and start at 6:00 PM. 

Fall games are scheduled on Sunday mornings, either at a 9:00 AM or 11:30 AM start.

Practices are scheduled by individual coaches, and vary based on each coach’s availability.

How does my child get a uniform?

All players will be given a baseball cap, which are distributed to the coaches at equipment pick up. 

T-ball players are also provided with a uniform t-shirt, which is included in your league fee. T-ball players can choose to wear baseball pants, socks, cleats, etc., but it’s not required.

Players in all other age groups purchase their uniforms at MAP Custom Tees (6518 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY 11725). At MAP, you will purchase two jerseys (red and blue), grey baseball pants, and red socks. Players can choose whatever uniform number they like to be silk screened on the back (it’s okay if multiple players have the same number for in-house). Uniforms can be re-used from season-to-season. 

For any other questions regarding uniforms, you can reach MAP at (631) 499-2188.

Does SJSLL provide equipment?

Each coach is provided with an equipment bag with Little League-approved catcher’s equipment, bases and baseballs.

SJSLL DOES NOT provide baseball gloves, helmets or bats. All players are required to have their own glove, helmet, and bat. Helmets must be NOCSAE-approved. For extra facial protection, a “C-flap” is recommended, but not required.

Who will coach my child? Are the coaches qualified?

Teams are coached by volunteer parents. Prior to being accepted as a coach, all volunteers are required to submit to an annual background check.  

Coaches are required to attend a preseason meeting where league rules and policies are discussed.  During the season, all coaches, parents, and players can contact their respective Division Coordinator for advice, to ask questions, or to inform the league of a problem. Division Coordinators can be found here.

How can I volunteer to be a coach?

SJSLL is happy to accept volunteers. The more coaches (specifically head coaches) we have at the younger levels, the more individualized attention players receive, and the crisper the game flow is. 

When registering your child, please indicate your desire to be a coach by formally volunteering in the designated section on the Sports Connect/Stack Sports site. If you have decided you would like to volunteer as a coach after registration has closed, please send an email to [email protected]

How are teams chosen?  Can my child be placed on a team with a friend?

Upon registering in the Sports Connect/Stack Sports portal, all players will automatically be placed in the appropriate age group. (Questions on what level your child qualifies for? Check out the official Little League age charts for baseball and the softball). If you feel as though your child’s ability level is not commensurate with their age eligibility, please reach out to the league at [email protected]

Player agents are charged with the responsibility of ensuring players are properly placed. Player agents can give you more information on the respective divisions, the flow of the game at each level, and what is expected of the players to ensure you can make an informed decision about where your child should be placed.

Requests (either a specific coach, or the same team as a friend) are welcomed for the t-ball, 6u, 7u, and 8u divisions. Requests are not guaranteed, but the sooner we receive them, the likelier it is that we can accommodate them. 

Requests are not accepted for the Minors (9-10u) and Majors (11-12u) divisions. Instead, in an effort to competitively balance the divisions, teams will be created by a draft (girls’ softball excluded). 

Is every child guaranteed to play in every game?

Yes.  There are rules requiring that each child play in every game. These rules vary by division, but they are strictly enforced.

Can I use the Gamechanger App to manage my team?

Yes. To use Gamechanger, one of the volunteers assigned to the team must first install the app on their device. Once installed, the volunteer will log into the app with the SAME email address they use on the website.  Then they will be able to import the team and schedule by clicking the "+" button on the top right of the homepage.  Click "Import Sports Connect", the app will find teams you are a volunteer for and then you choose which team(s) to import.  Once the team is imported into your account, every parent on the team will receive an invite to download the app and log into it using the SAME email address that they use on website.  

Why should I use the Gamechanger App to manage my team?

The Gamechanger App allows you to manage your team from a day to day perspective. You can have direct messages to all parents, allow the parents to respond if they are going to come to the game or not.  You can use the app to score the game instead of through the scorebook.  It will directly sync with the website so your schedule will always stay updated (schedule on the website and pushed automatically into the APP).  You can even try the streaming option inside the app for fans who cannot make the game!

How are refunds handled?

As a volunteer organization, refunds do cost the league money to process in the form of vendor fees. We do consider refunds, but they are handled on a case-by-case basis and are not always granted.

Absolutely no refunds are given after the coaches meeting takes place.  At that point, teams are assigned and schedules are generated.  

Does my child have to play SJSLL to play on a Smithtown Bulls Travel Team?

Yes. Although the Smithtown Bulls and SJSLL are separate organizations, a child MUST play SJSLL in order to be eligible to try out for a Bulls team.

If my child plays SJSLL, is he guaranteed a spot on a Smithtown Bulls Team?

No. Separate tryouts are conducted for Smithtown Bulls teams, and they are selected by the travel coaches.

Does the SJSLL participate in the Williamsport (Little League World Series) tournament that I see on TV?

Yes. All boys ages 10-12 are eligible to try out for a team that will represent our league. Girls softball may participate based on number of players interested. In order to be eligible for the Williamsport team, the player must be registered in the SJSLL AND participate in 60% of the games. All uniforms and fees related to that tournament are included in the cost of registration.

How are teams chosen for the Williamsport tournament?

Eligible players are invited to a tryout, held on or shortly after May 15, supervised by the members of the SJSLL Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors chooses the players for each team.  The Board also appoints the coaches.

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St. James - Smithtown Little League

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St. James - Smithtown Little League

PO Box 29 
St. James, New York 11780

Email: [email protected]
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